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5 Myths About Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis (OA), also known as degenerative joint disease, is the most common form of arthritis. It affects millions of Americans, many of whom mistakenly assume the pain, stiffness, and decreased mobility associated with OA is just a natural part of growing old. Not true.

Teddrick Dunson, MD is a leading pain management and regenerative medicine specialist who leads the team at Thrive Pain Management in Irving, Texas. As a physician focused on providing quality care that goes beyond treating symptoms to address the underlying condition causing your pain, Dr. Dunson is happy to provide insight regarding osteoarthritis and the myths surrounding this common condition.

Myth 1: Only older people develop osteoarthritis

It’s true that osteoarthritis is often linked to the natural wear-and-tear of aging joints. However, many young people also develop osteoarthritis due to overuse during sports, using inappropriate lifting techniques at work or while engaging in hobbies, and conditions such as obesity. An inactive lifestyle can also affect the health of your joints long before you reach your senior years.

Myth 2: Only surgery can fix osteoarthritis

Knee, hip, and even spinal disc removal/replacement are surgical procedures that are offered as a last resort for painful joint destruction caused by osteoarthritis. However, many highly effective, nonsurgical treatments can help prevent the progression of osteoarthritis and resolve your pain.

At Thrive Pain Management, Dr. Dunson creates customized treatment strategies for osteoarthritis that may include:

Dr. Dunson also works with athletes and exercise enthusiasts to evaluate and adjust as necessary training activities, lifting techniques, etc. that increase stress and strain on your joints.

Myth 3: Regenerative medicine doesn’t help with osteoarthritis

Regenerative medicine techniques, including stem-cell and PRP therapy, have proven highly effective in improving joint health, which reduces the pain associated with arthritis. These therapies work by boosting your body’s natural ability to repair and rebuild cartilage and other tissue structures affected by osteoarthritis.  

Myth 4: You shouldn’t exercise when you have osteoarthritis

Enforced inactivity can actually worsen the pain and stiffness associated with osteoarthritis. Instead, Dr. Dunson may recommend changes such as switching out running for walking, cycling, swimming, or other low impact activities to help preserve your joint health.

Myth 5: I should just learn to live with joint pain

At Thrive Pain Management, we offer a wide variety of nonsurgical and highly effective treatments to manage pain associated with osteoarthritis. These therapies also help restore joint function and increase your mobility. You don’t have to live with the pain of osteoarthritis at any age.

For help with your joint pain, schedule a visit to Thrive Pain Management today. Call our office to request an appointment.

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